Declaration of the Cuban Association of de United Nations (ACNU), on the inclusion of Cuba by the Goverment of the United States in its unilateral list of states sponsors of terrorism

The Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU), expresses its strongest condemnation of the recent inclusion of Cuba by the Government of the United States, in its spurious, illegal and immoral list of "States Sponsors of Terrorism", which qualifies as a political reward to the retrograde anti-Cuban right and the most conservative sectors of that country.

The inclusion of Cuba in this list, due to its totally unjust and unfounded nature, once again calls into question the seriousness of the United States in addressing the issue of terrorism.
Cuba is a victim of terrorism and has never committed terrorist action against any nation; on the contrary, it has been a model of solidarity and international cooperation with other peoples of the world, including the United States.

The Cuban family has been cruelly affected as a result of terrorist actions promoted, organized, financed, or tolerated by successive governments of the United States, which have resulted in the loss of life of 3 478 people and caused disabilities to another 2 099 and extensive, psychological, economic and material damages.

This unilateral, hypocritical action of clearly political opportunism,  demonstrates the low moral character of a government in decline. Its purposes are to undermine the will and resistance of our people,  reinforced in the midst of the pandemic, to try to justify the inhuman and criminal policy of blockade against our country and to obstruct any prospect of recovery in the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

Instead of preventing and repressing terrorist actions against Cuba, the US authorities allow the existence, training and activities of known terrorist organizations and notorious terrorists in their territory, which receive safe haven and act freely in the United States. The complicit silence of that same government in the face of the most recent terrorist act with a firearm perpetrated against the Cuban Embassy in Washington is reprehensible.

The Cuban Association of the United Nations reiterates its categorical condemnation of the use of a matter as sensitive as terrorism for political purposes against our country, and asks the United States to put an end to this shameful exercise.

In this sense, it expects that the competent United Nations agencies and its leaders will speak out denouncing this action, urges US and international civil society to demand the exclusion of Cuba from the List and calls on the US government to put end this shameful exercise.

Havana, January 13, 2021
"Year 63 of the Revolution"