Declaration of the Cuban Association of the United Nations on terrorist attack against the Embassy of Cuba in France

The Cuban Association of the United Nations condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack perpetrated against the Cuban diplomatic mission in Paris last Sunday night. Our people have been the victim of terrorism encouraged and financed by the United States government for more than 60 years of the Revolution, which has cost the lives of more than 3,478 innocent people and disabled another 2,099.

The attack with Molotov cocktails on the Cuban Embassy in France on July 26, the siege of the Cuban diplomatic headquarters in different capitals and particularly in the United States, including the firearm attack on the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in that country, about which the US government has not expressed a single word of condemnation, exemplify how far hate speech and violence against Cuba, instigated from Washington, can go.

On the contrary, the government of President Joseph Biden has accompanied with its actions the fraudulent decision of its predecessor to include Cuba in the illegal and immoral list of States that supposedly co-sponsor terrorism, which together with the lies and false accusations that they promote about Cuba, incite violence and give encouragement to extremist groups in the United States that seek to bring both countries to a climate of confrontation, questioning the real commitment of that country in the fight against terrorism.

These events are part of the events that Cubans have experienced in recent days. Through a scathing and well-organized political-communication operation in a context marked by the confrontation with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been tried to break the constitutional order in Cuba and promote the false image of a government that denies its people the most elemental rights. Given the failure of this destabilizing attempt, the new phase seems to be aimed at inciting and promoting terrorist actions against Cuban representations abroad.

These terrorist acts respond to a known and intentional regime change agenda encouraged and directed from Washington and the most reactionary sectors of the Cuban community, settled in Florida, who do not take into account that such actions not only arouse the rejection of Cubans, but also from the international community.

The Cuban people are lovers of peace and never from our territory have been promoted or incited to carry out terrorist acts against any country. The Cuban government's commitment to preventing and confronting this scourge is demonstrated by being within the small number of countries that are part of the 19 international instruments on the matter.

The Cuban Association of the United Nations, as endorsed by the Constitution of the Republic, in its Chapter II, Article 16, paragraph l), reiterates its firm condemnation and repudiation of terrorism in any of its forms and manifestations, particularly terrorism of State.

Havana, July 29, 2021
"Year 63 of the Revolution"